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EntraID messaging via WhatsApp, for MFA, SSPR

Starting September 2023, Microsoft has begun rolling out the delivery of One Time Passcodes (OTP) via WhatsApp messaging. This facility will allow users to use their preferred messaging platform. The rollout commenced to users in India, Indonesia and New Zealand and will spread further over time - it is expected to take an "extended period of time" to roll out globally.

The sender agent in WhatsApp where users will see the OTPs will be branded as Microsoft with a verified checkmark. The messaging will appear like this:

To enable SMS-based Authentication through Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) typically requires an Azure AD Premium license in Azure (other options are available for Office).

General steps for enabling through Azure Portal are:

Sign in to Azure Portal and navigate to Microsoft Entra ID, Security blade:

Choose Authentication methods:

Choose SMS:

Turn on the facility and add the users based your preference:

Of course, users will also need to add a phone number on their user (the number of the device they have WhatsApp installed on). In Microsoft Entra ID, navigate to "Users" and select the user:

Select "Authentication methods":

Choose "Add authentication method", "Phone number" and add the number.

If you don't want your users to receive MFA text messages through WhatsApp, you'll need to disable text messages as an authentication method in your organization.


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